Welbuy Supplies is one of India's largest coconut-based product exporters. We have been working for many years and are dealing with a variety of clients from various parts of the world. Our offerings are unprecedented because of the consistency and quality of our goods Coconut Shell charcoal is commonly used as a domestic and industrial fuel. It is also used by foundries Activated carbon derived from coconut shell has many unique advantages because the raw material can absorb many molecules and maintains strong strength and physical properties due to its density.

First of all, it is a fully Eco-friendly commodity made from renewable natural resources. Coconut Shell Charcoal is generated from the process of carbonation by destructive distillation. During this process, coconut shells undergo incomplete combustion in an oxygen-controlled environment. Tons of coconut shells are handled to make coal available in comfortable ovoid rings and circles.

We give high-quality Coconut Shell Charcoal produced from the carbonization process. Shell charcoal is commonly used as a domestic and commercial fuel. In several developed countries (such as Indonesia, India, Malaysia) Charcoal is the main cooking fuel for urban and rural households and restaurants. The demand for Charcoal restaurant has risen exponentially, and we are able to provide the highest price, and its burning capacity is amazing! Ideal for BBQ Barbecue, Conventional Baking and Cooking, etc.