Cocopeat block

The blocks of cocopeat are seen as an ideal medium of production. This is done by sieving, scraping, drying and eventually packaging cocopeat powder into tubes. Blocks with a wide variety of planting conditions may be used. Coir is known for its hormones and anti-hungarian effects in natural rooting. We also insure the cocopeat blocks are bundled safely.

The blocks are stretched and closely bound. On customer order, we will even customize the packaging. WelBuy Supplies are the leading coir peat suppliers in India with a good record of 650 grams of bricks and small bales of five kilograms and 10 kilogram blocks.

We are Coco Peat, Coir Pith, Coco peat bricks and blocks suppliers. We are shipping 5 kg blocks, 650 gm bags of coco and peat bags of coco. We are a prime producer and exporter of Coco Coir Pith in India. Coir Peat's aerated form allows farming use. The Coco Peat is dried and refined to produce various products, i.e. bricks, briquettes, tablets, etc. The drug is used in the farming industry because of its water absorbed properties and its excellent soil conditioner.

For the hydrophonic or container plants, it is an excellent cultivation medium. Coir has natural, anti-piling properties and rooting hormones. We, the top coir peat manufacturers, make sure you have the best of premium goods. Sometimes coco pith is called as coco peat. This peat is a coconut fiber by-product. The so-called pulp or husk over the coconut is called fiber in coco fiber extraction. This fiber is used in numerous industries for many applications. We get two things, Coir Fiber and Coconut or Pith, when we cut this cover or husk, including the pits attached to the fiber. This seems like the saw dust. Such coconut peats are found in blocks that are called coco turf bricks.